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1 BTC = 74,500 DG
1 ETH = 3,100 DG
1 XRP = 3 DG
Currency Name Digital Gold
Quantity to Issue 10 billion coins
Consensus Algorithm JMBFT
Quantity in ICO 300 million coins
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Digital Gold is the world's first cryptocurrency to realize a secure remittance settlement system through its own blockchain technology based on resource development such as gold.
Under such circumstances, in 2009 the cryptocurrency on the Internet without any credibility backing was born for the first time in the world. Since we are both a legal currency and a cryptocurrency are symbols to connect values of others, we believe there is no way to ignore the essential value or perpetuate a currency without it. Rather than returning to the past gold standard system, we aim to create new values of resources and currency suitable for the 21st century.
Digital Gold aims to penetrate worldwide as a standard of international virtual currency while revitalizing existing economic system.
Many people recognize the new value created by every individual and every company, and we continually develop and build an environment that can trade with confidence.
World Standard
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Immediate remittance possible worldwide
We will implement our own block chain which enables high-speed remittance to realize 10,000 transactions per second.
JIZO Monitored Byzantine Fault Tolerance
This high-speed remittance system is realized by voting screening approved workers of JIZO Monitored Byzantine Fault Tolerance transactions.
Strong Security
We adopt algorithms that can counter hacking from quantum computer by smart login environment based on biometric identification information such as fingerprint authentication and vein authentication, encryption by shortest vector problem (SVP) and recent vector problem (CVP).
Easy to use Interface
It is an interface that is superior in user viewability.
It is unnecessary to enter cumbersome ciphers.
Adaptability to The Price Fluctuation Risk
During settlement, avoiding currency risk by utilizing "DIGITAL GOLD for Settlement" which fixed price with USD.
High Level System Cooperation
Can use it with various services by smooth linkage function with web service and application.
Update of The Latest Technology
DIGITAL GOLD LABORATORY with excellent technology for web service will continue to update DIGITAL GOLD by incorporating the necessary technology according to the situation.
Fulfilling Exchange System
Digital Gold plans to list on more than one trusted exchange that emphasizes high liquidity and has security measures taken. In addition, we plan to establish a distributed exchange that is user-friendly and highly secure.
We will distribute Wallet SDK for companies wishing to introduce Digital Gold's online payment system.
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